Bert Breuker

Bert Breuker

Gustavslundsvägen 1
922 32 Vindeln
Telefoon: +46 705300721 64.205902,19.721916,13


Bert Breuker combined Homeopathy and Physical therapy immediately since he started studying homeopathy between 1982 and 1986 at the Dutch School of Homeopathy. Next to his own practice Bert taught homeopathy at 4 different homeopathic schools in Holland of which the main was the Dutch School of Homeopathy which Frans Vermeulen run. In 1991 he moved to Ireland and started the Irish School of Homeopathy together with 2 of his teachers from Holland. He divided his time between his practice in Co. Clare in Ireland and teaching at the Irish School of Homeopathy and the Finnish School of Homeopathy in Helsinki. He kept on working as a member of the examination board of the Dutch School of Homeopathy. After a traveling period that won him the nick-name “the tubercular homeopath” he permanently settled in Sweden in 1997 continuing to work in his practice and teaching homeopathy. After Frans Vermeulen also moved to Sweden in 2000 they started together the Swedish School of Homeopathy which was run till 2007. In 2009 he did the Cease-education of Dr. Tinus Smits which he practices ever since. My special experiences apart from those as a general homeopathic practitioner are: sterility, pregnancy, birth and early, sports injuries, autism, ADHD, damages from vaccines and other medication, poisons, chemicals, etc. Gave the CEASE-education course in Sarajevo 2011; Gothenburg 2012 and will repeat the Gothenburg CEASE-education course in the spring of 2013.