Kim Kalina

Kim Kalina

- Wiltshire
United Kingdom
Telefoon: - 42.6525793,-73.7562317,13


Kim is not available for new CEASE clients. She is available for Inspiring Homeopathy consults and mentoring CEASE practitioners. Kim began studying with Tinus Smits starting in 2005 and has been using and promoting his work ever since; in particular, Kim has facilitated and taught his clearing protocols since 2005, led weekend Inspiring Homeopathy initiations in upstate NY for homeopathic students and professionals since 2007, and also served as editor (along with Tim Owens) of the final version of Dr. Smits Inspiring Homeopathy book in 2011. She is a Core Instructor of the CEASE Certification courses. In addition to continuing Dr. Smits’ groundbreaking work, Kim maintains an international private homeopathic consultation, coaching and referral service via phone and internet.